Gi20 2013


Seven companies were selected to take part in the 2013 programme:

1.    Gi20 2013 Jury Prize Winners:

Sit Back by Moxie Brawl

It’s 1942. London Transport Clippies from the 601 trolleybus service are having lunch between shifts. Their imaginations go on a physical journey exploring and transforming the space and their relationship.

We dance with food, on benches and use voice to interact with the audience, with language taken from the workers handbook of the 1940s. During the piece, we use images and film of the female workforce during World War 2 and explore its influence.

Moxie Brawl led by Sarah Blanc, produces work that entertains, excites and establishes new worlds for audiences to experience dance theatre.


2.    Gi20 2013 Audience Prize Winners

 Frantic by Acrojou

Frantic is first piece of work directed by emerging designer-director, and Acrojou co-founder, Jeni Barnard.

Drawing from circus, dance and physical theatre, Frantic uses a rich physical language to pull apart it’s subject: our dogged devotion to busyness, the reality of a running mind and the simply learning to sit still.

As half of Acrojou Jeni has co-created a number of performances, including venue-based and outdoor shows. They have toured nine countries and performed to audiences of nearly 60,000. Jeni qualified for Gi20 as an emerging Designer-Director – Frantic is the first show she has Directed.


Lascia by Una Via is contemporary circus inspired by the ancient tale of Lilith, the first women created by God. The show features trapeze, physical theatre and live music.

In a small-scale, off-beat way Lascia aims to make a statement about power, free speech, imposed rules and the need to understand one another.

About UnA ViA; Coming from different directions of physical performance UnA ViA share a passion for circus and to communicate emotions through empathy and laughter.

They are interested in exploring a language that blends circus, movement and physical theatre while focusing on relationships with the audience.


Think Outside The Box by Street Genius is a combo of comedy and hiphop with raw breakdance and circus.

It’s a journey through time using hiphop and rock music, exploring what makes us laugh and what drives us to push our mind and bodies beyond what we think is possible.

The company is a mix of unique individuals who push the boundaries of breakdance, circus and comedy.

The members of Street Genius have performed with artists such as George Michael, KRS1 and The WuTang Clan, are the first artists to take breakdance into the circus and have won World Breakdance championships.


Fishes have Wishes by Pepper-Choc 

Two characters; the master and the apprentice feature in the show. A strong theme of status defines a somewhat absurd yet tense atmosphere underlined by a striking aerial-acrobatic vocabulary.

The innocence of apprentice overwhelms the pinheaded master, reminding the audience that ignorance truly is bliss.

Pepper-Choc Company was founded by Lucie Lepoivre and Isabelle Schuster this year. Our first creation was called ‘Energie in Harmony’, which premiered in the Fun Fatale Festival, Prague in March. Individually they have performed internationally in USA, Europe and Canada and in the UK at Watch This Space festival and Latitude festival.


Roving Rhinoceros by Puppets with Guts

 Two roving Rhinoceros are on the loose. Short sighted and bad tempered, they’ve fallen out of a nature documentary and into the streets of London.

Two life-sized Rhinoceros puppets, operated by 4 puppeteers take over public spaces. Charging audiences, chasing each other, investigating gardens, queuing for the toilet and trying to get onto the bus; they’re a fun, interactive experience.

Puppets With Guts is a company which creates experimental and challenging work that intersects beauty with the grotesque, for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Mr Wilson’s Second Liners by Musical Mechanical

Quintessential New Orleans meets 90’s club classics – a rave funeral without the body. Bursting with colour and sound and rallying impromptu raves on street corners, rousing audiences into a joyful frenzy.

Inspired by traditional marching bands for funerals in New Orleans and those who follow it (called second liners), a rabble of mischievous northerners form their own traditional Second Line, paying homage to the days of the Hacienda, 90’s club culture and unlikely hero Tony Wilson.

 Multi-instrumentalist, Will Lenton (Musical Mechanical), works as a composer, performer and teacher from his home in West Yorkshire.


GI20 took place at three festivals over the summer of 2013:

Sunday 7 July at SO Festival in Skegness

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July at The Shoreditch Festival in London

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4 August at Stockton International Riverside Stockton on Tees

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